About Us

1st venture India Pharma People

  The Seed of curcuminshoppe.com was sown in 2001 in Pune with the beginning of its 1st venture “India Pharma People”. India Pharma People is the pioneer of organized consultancy in Pharma and Chemical sector . It’s mission is “To brighten the future of the people ; ‘The Most Powerful Resource’ with quality employment opportunities”
  India Pharma People has contributed in many aspects in Pharma industry right form consultation for Marketing , setting up Distribution Channel Formulation Development and exporting Herbal and Phytoceutical Product

2nd venture ie www.healthy45plus.com

  A preventive or prophylactic approach for people over the age of 45.
  Focus on health and happiness as a winning combination.
  Information and engagement that will help in addressing and dealing with questions and symptoms.40s with a new lease of confidence.
  Progression of potential as the individual steps into his or her 40s with a new lease of confidence.
 The use of medicinal science.

3rd Venture is Dietics Healthcare and Neutraceuticals Pvt Ltd

where we formulate and market Healthcare and Neutraceuticals Product

4th Venture is www.curcuminshoppe.com

  We believe it is time to tear ahead into a brave new world of virtually unlimited options. The time has come to create and master new technologies and take direct control of our future.
  The Future lies in Healthcare and future of health lies in the usage of our Vedic kaal – Neutraceutical products and life-style.

Curcumin is one such ingredient which was used by our Ancient Vedic Medicinal Experts.

 We would like to incorporate the use of curcumin through modern technology , which has been used since ages for revival , modernization and integration of Indian Traditional Herbal Medicine

Thus in curcuminshoppe.com we are getting all the possible forms of curcumin in all possible combination for the betterment of our health and life style.