Whole world is facing one of the worst pandemics today. Everyone is haphazardly running in search of potential cure for the current condition. Viral load is increasing day by day as more and more people are catching infection. In this situation you all will definitely agree with Darwin’s theory of

“Survival of the fittest”

In order to stay fit your defense mechanism need to be strong. Yes only those people with strong immune system are spared and most of the victims are those with weakened immunity. So boosting your immune system is the need of hour. You can improve your immune system in several ways like regular exercise, maintaining healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, yoga, meditation and Pranayama. In addition to this you can power up your body’s defense with additional nutrition in the form of supplements. Today market is overwhelmed with numerous nutritional supplements to provide you immunity coverage. But the question is, are you choosing your supplements wisely? Whether they are really beneficial to our body? So let us discuss the potential role of Curcumin a dietery supplement in boosting your immunity.

Curcumin is a phytochemical with multiple mode of action. We are well aware of the anti-viral potential of the molecule. There are various evidences suggestive of curcumin’s action on different viruses. It has great inhibitory action against the viruses. Research indicates that curcumin can modify the surface proteins in virus and blocks the attachment of the virus to the cells. Also it limits the viral replication by interfering with the replication cycles of the virus and prevents infection.

Curcumin possesses a great immune modulatory property that alters the action of immune system according to the requirement of the body. The immune stimulation by curcumin is highly beneficial in preventing the progression of infection or any diseases.

Every immune response starts with inflammation. The anti-inflammatory activity of curcumin is really appreciated. It inhibits the inflammatory cytokines and reduces the inflammation and resulting damage to the cells and tissues of the body.

Regarding the antioxidant potential, curcumin is reported to be several times more effective than vitamin E as a free radical scavenger .

Thus all the properties of curcumin are supporting and synergistic to each other. With these multiple mechanism of action, curcumin can be beneficial in this hour of need. It is a single remedy useful in several disorders like bacterial and viral infections, Diabetes, Allergies, Arthritis, Cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders. Hence instead of stuffing yourself with lots of supplements with different indications, why not Curcumin which exhibits multiple benefits on your body?

A wise choice makes you live better.


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