Once in a while, we do wake up with a tender, scratchy and swollen throat which comes out of nowhere. It is very common to have this discomfort with changing seasons, drinking, or eating habits. Sore throat is commonly seen in viral and bacterial infections. Though it vanishes without any complex treatment it depends upon the defense system of your body that how well it manages to deal with the situation. But the current situation of the pandemic has created a sense of worry and insecurity in the common man. Even a milder discomfort in throat drives you crazy and runs chills down your spine. It’s not time to worry instead; it’s time to take a right stride towards boosting up your immune system

Sore throat is basically the response of the body against an infective focus. It is also caused due to other environmental factors like pollutants, temperature variations, harmful chemical irritants, and smoking originating from different sources. It is nothing but the inflammation of the Oro-pharynx. The majority of sore throats are due to rhinovirus and adenovirus. Other viruses like corona virus, influenza virus, and herpes simplex are also known to cause this condition. This sore throat is often accompanied by Fever, difficulty in swallowing and breathing, and loss of appetite.

So how curcumin can help you in this condition? Curcumin being an antimicrobial compound helps to get rid of the microbial invaders from our body by inhibiting their growth and action and also reduces inflammation due to its inhibitory action on inflammatory cytokines. In this way, it heals of the inflamed pharynx and gives relief from this nagging throat. Also, it boosts the immunity of our body and prevents further attacks from these troublesome microbes.

Though sore throat is a self-resolving condition, you should always seek the advice of an expert in case of any difficulties. And of course “caution is the parent of safety”. Always take steps to stay fit and fine rather than getting the illnesses and treating them.


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