Humans are highly evolved with the exponential development of science and technology. This advancement has increased longevity of individuals. But with increased life span here come many age-related disorders into the picture. It is said that averting premature aging is always more effective and economical than combating the age-related disorders. The human quest for a potential cure for these age-related disorders and delaying aging has resulted in the discovery of the anti-aging potential of curcumin.

Curcumin is one of the potential compounds that significantly reduces the effects of aging. It is safe, inexpensive, and highly effective with a protective action on almost all the human systems and plays a pivotal role in the process of aging.

What is aging?

Aging is an inevitable process in every one’s life. It corresponds to the gradual physiological changes and decline of biological functions in the body [1]. Every cell and organ in the human body undergoes the process of aging. Aging is caused due to the lifelong accumulation of the free radicles produced during the day to day oxidative stress. It is not a disorder but many age-related diseases like Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer are caused to this oxidative-stress induced aging. [2].

As said
“Healthy aging is a lifelong guide to your physical and spiritual wellbeing.” (Andrew Weil)

Aging well is a term indicating a positive approach towards senescence. Active aging or successful aging ensures physical, mental, and social wellbeing of people throughout life [3]. We cannot stop aging, but process of aging can be delayed, and premature aging can be prevented. Curcumin plays a major role in attributing healthy aging devoid of physical pain and mental depression due to senescent disorders.

How curcumin is benificial for healthy aging?

  • Curcumin is a highly beneficial compound with promising benefits on human health. There are several shreds of evidence that support the anti-aging potential of curcumin.
  • Aging is characterized by low-grade inflammation in the body. Curcumin being an anti-inflammatory molecule alleviates the symptoms of aging [4].
  • Curcumin has also effectively reduced the occurrence and symptoms of many age-related disorders like Diabetes, Obesity, Respiratory problems like Chronic Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular disease, and Cancers [4].
  • Cancer is highly linked to the phenomenon of aging; curcumin is found beneficial in preventing different types of cancers in the body by promoting the death of cancerous cells in the body. Cancer cells are more sensitive to curcumin and curcumin disturbs the proliferation of these cells [4].
  • Curcumin delays aging by changing the proteins involved in the process of aging [4].
  • Curcumin has a favorable role in delaying skin aging as well. It prevents the premature aging of the skin by fetching the free radicles and helps to keep the skin robust and eautiful. Curcumin also provides a protective cover for the skin against the damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet radiation [5].

Curcumin, the anti-aging molecule helps to get rid of the senescent cells that are culprits in several disorders and prevent premature aging. It is very safe and well-tolerated in old age people. Thus, this professionally researched golden molecule improves the way we grow old and helps to promote happy, healthy, and successful aging.