People are invariably exposed to an array of pathogenic infections in day to day life. Among these viral infections are more concerning as they are hard to treat and the profound rate of multiplication of respective viruses. By now the whole world has realized the threat and havoc caused by viruses in the form of COVID 19. The medical fraternity and technology today are facing a greater challenge to deal with this global emergency instigated by the Coronavirus.


Know about the Virus

Viruses are the sub-microscopic pathogens with a specific genetic pattern. They are the hijackers of the living cells. They are quintessential parasites. They hinge on the host cells to carry out the life-sustaining functions They live and multiply inside a cell. This protects them from the medications which are generally given through the bloodstream to treat the pathogens.
Thus, it is a highly tedious task to combat viral infections especially when new strains are emerging. Viruses with RNA genome possess a high mutation rate and as new and new viral variants emerge, existing antiviral medicines turn out ineffective. Also, the cost and time involved in the development of a new antiviral drug are relatively high. Moreover, antiviral medications are known to cause several side effects like nausea, vomiting, profound fatigue depending upon the antiviral drug. 


Antiviral Curcumin

In this situation, multi-target herbal curcumin serves an inexplicable role in the combating of these viruses. Curcumin, an excellent immune modulator is also an effective antiviral agent. The activity of curcumin against several viruses has been studied and proven.

Several research studies have confirmed that curcumin has shown a highly efficacious role in preventing viral infections like
• Chikungunya
• Zika virus
• Hepatitis B
• Hepatitis C
• HPV (Human Papillomavirus)
• Herpes simplex
• Influenza
• The respiratory syncytial virus causes pneumonia.

How does curcumin work in viral infections?

A virus is a microscopic organism that takes control of the human cellular mechanism for its survival. Though it possesses its genetic constitution, it is unable to multiply without the help of cellular enzymes in the human body. Curcumin prevents the action of viruses by the following mechanism.
Curcumin interferes with the critical steps involved in the viral replication cycle.

The viral replication cycle involves the following events like
1. Viral penetration or attachment
2. Uncoating of the viral envelope
3. Genome replication
4. Gene expression
5. Assembly and release.

Curcumin helps to tackle the viral infections by
• Inhibiting the viral entry
• By attacking the viral envelope and killing them
• Inhibition of viral replication
• Curcumin modulates the intercellular signalling pathways which are involved in viral replication.


Role of curcumin in COVID 19.

In today’s situation of uncertainty, when there is no specific antiviral therapy available for treating COVID, curcumin may serve as a potential candidate as a preventive and supportive approach along with the existing therapy. Researchers believe that,
• Curcumin may prevent the attachment of viruses to the human host cells
• It may also regulate the inflammatory pathways which in turn will help to reduce the respiratory distress in COVID patients.
• Curcumin along with other supplements like vitamin c had shown excellent immune-boosting properties.
• It also helps in reducing blood pressure in hypertensive patients.
• Few studies have indicated that the application of curcumin emulsion has prevented the SARS COV infection as the ACE 2 receptors which are the major viral attachment site are dominantly present in the nostrils and respiratory tract.
Still, a lot of research is needed in this direction, available data is suggestive of curcumin’s remarkable antiviral potential will be highly beneficial in counteracting the SARS COV2 virus and it may serve as a wonder drug in the management of COVID 19.





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