FAQs on PIKCURCUM capsules

PIKCURCUM is purely vegan dietary supplement with 95% curcumin, a pure organic extract of the immune boosting herb, Turmeric.
What are the health benefits of PIKCURCUM?
PIKCURCUM is an excellent immune booster rich in anti-oxidants with enhanced bactericidal action. It protects and prevents you from frequent bouts of common cold, allergies, mild infections and heals muscle pain and injuries.
Are there any side effects for PIKCURCUM?
PIKCURCUM is absolutely safe to be consumed in recommended dosage.
What is the recommended dose of PIKCURCUM for adults?
PIKCURCUM should be consumed in a dosage of 1 capsule (500mg) twice a day.
Is it safe to take PIKCURCUM with existing illness like Diabetes?
PIKCURCUM is very well tolerated in Diabetics. Curcumin in this formulation is an excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic agent that is much beneficial in Diabetics as well as Pre diabetic condition. It keeps the blood sugar levels at check in diabetic people and also delays the further progression of the disease in Pre diabetics.
Is PIKCURCUM a medicine or dietary supplement?
PIKCURCUM is purely a dietary supplement with purely organic curcumin extract and is not to be taken as a treatment for any disease.
Whether PIKCURCUM is approved by any regulatory authority?
PIKCURCUM is a product approved by the authority FSSAI ( Food Safety Standards Authority of India).

FAQs on PIKCURCUM lozenges

What is PIKCURCUM lozenge ?

PIKCURCUM lozenge is an innovative product with purely organic turmeric extract, delivered in the form of mouth dissolving tablets.

What are the indications of PIKCURCUM lozenges?
PIKCURCUM Lozenge is an anti-inflammatory bactericidal immune boosting product, extremely beneficial in condition of sore throat, common cold, allergic rhinitis, tonsillitis and other mild infections.
What are the benefits of PIKCURCUM lozenges?
PIKCURCUM lozenges are enriched with curcumin, a purely organic single solvent extract of turmeric and is devoid of any artificial chemicals or sugars. They are easy to carry and easy to consume and well tolerated in all age groups.
Whether PIKCURCUM Lozenges safer for Diabetics?
They are absolutely safe in Diabetics as they are sugar free and devoid of any chemicals.
What is the recommended dosage of PIKCURCUM LOZENGES?
The recommended dose of PIKCURCUM LOZENGES is 3-4 lozenges/day.
Are there any side effects for this lozenges?
There are no known side effects for these lozenges. In fact it is the most safer and effective dosage form that provides quick relief.
Lozenges are mouth dissolving tablets which is most effective mode delivery as the absorption of active content curcumin begins directly from the mouth.