Pikcurcum Latte


An effective Tastier and better option for Haldi Milk
Pikcurcum Latte for Hot Drink
Pikcurcum Latte 1 gm Sachet curcumin 10% in water soluble form
Pikcurcum Latte is enriched with enhanced Anti Oxidant and anti inflammatory Properties




  • Boost immune system and activity to fight against infection
  • Enhances memory when consumed with beverages like milk
  • Induces healthy sleep
  • Works as a stress reliever
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Improves mood and connectivity functions
  • Soothes bowel syndrome


How to use

  • Add PIKCURCUM LATTE sachet in empty glass or Cup with 30 ml of hot or warm milk or any other beverages
  • Stir Well
  • Fill the remaining empty glass or Cup with the beverage used
  • Consume Immediately


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