The medicinal component of Turmeric which is also a spice of life for overall well- being has been used from Vedic Period. ‘CURCUMIN’ which is an extract of ‘TURMERIC’ is a ‘SPICE’ and has a medicinal value.

PIKCURCUM, a nutritious formula with attractive benefits is enriched with the goodness of natural 95% curcumin that initiates a healthy inflammatory response, reduces the oxidative stress and powerful modulator of your immune system, and relieves your symptoms without any harmful side effects.

For most of the illnesses, your immunity decides how the invasion will affect you. People with a weak immune system are at greater risk of infections and their complications. Hence, the best way to stay healthy and be prepared for any attacks is to boost your immunity. Curcumin exhibits multiple actions on this immune system and related diseases and helps in achieving healthy balanced environment in our body.

  CURCUMIN  for immunity

A lot is being spoken about increasing your immune power. And that is right! Boosting your immunity is the need of the hour. The base of a perfectly healthy body is a healthy immune system. Curcumin exhibits a good level of immune-modulatory activity that supports the immune system and helps to maintain the health and harmony of the body and prevents us from frequent illnesses.

  Anti-infective in cough and cold
Frequent attacks of cold and cough are warning bells for your immune system and are an indication of microbial invasion and weakened immunity. Curcumin not only enhances immunity but the antibacterial and antiviral properties help to inhibit the action of these microbes and give relief from the symptoms.

  Instant relief in sore throat
Sore throat is nothing but the inflammation in the throat. Curcumin due to its anti-inflammatory properties reduces the inflammation and gives instant relief from the tender and swollen throat. 

  A highly innovative single solvent extracted formula with purely organic 95% bioactive curcumin.

 A 100% natural and purely vegan product meeting the tradition of ancient and holistic principles of Ayurveda and modern research.

  An excellent immune-booster that gives a 360-degree coverage against recurrent microbial infections and chronic illnesses.

 Provides great anti-oxidant support that helps you to combat oxidative stress and associated free radical damage.

 An effective dietary supplement packed with remarkable anti-inflammatory properties that help to maintain healthy joints.

  A great companion for Diabetics that maintains healthy sugar levels and provides a stress-free life.

 Purely made in India product free from harmful chemicals and preservatives with no side effects.